Our Vision

To become theg optimum government service provider in galgamuwa division by 2023

Our Mission

To optimize service efficiency through human resource and procedural management with sustainability and proper planning following good governance policy

Location of Galgamuwa Divisional Secretariat

The Divisional secretariat Division of Galgamuwa is 278.4 km in extent and situated between Kala oya and Mee oya .The Divisional secretary Divisions of Ambanpola , Nawagaththegama ,Giribawa ,Thambuththegama and Ehetuwewa create its border.The D.S.Divisions of Galgamuwa Consists of 62 Grama niladari Divisions.The total number of families in it are 18,916 and the populations is 66,624. It is divided into 3 korale.West ,North and South .This is an agricultural region and cultivation is carried out in bota "Yala" and "Maha" Seasons.There are 2 Agrarian Services Divisions named Galgamuwa and Mahananneriya Cultivation is done under small and large scale irrigation ,however ,a substantial amount of  lands are culivated under small scale irrigations.About 362 lakes and canals can be found in the area.The 35 School in the area which are established in order to uplift the educational standards are co-ordinated by the Divisional Education Office'People come to the two main Cities Galgamuwa and Meegalewa to buy agricultural equipment and receive other services.these two cities co-ordinate the commercial affaires.The abunduntly available human and physical resource in the area shall be used to development activities if exploited with a properly planned procedure.


The Background of the Office

The office was established in september of 1963 as a  Divisional Revenue Office first and the Revenue officer was Wimala Dharma Ekanayaka .Since then the following Heads have served in this office.

Name From To
MR.Wimaladharma Ekanayaka 1963 Spethember 1963 October
MR.Gamini Wijewardhana 1963 1964
MR.C.W.Walisundara 1965 1969
MR.W.Godawela 1970 1971
MR.R.M.Karunarathna 1972 1979
MR.R.W.J.Wirasinha 1980 1988
MR.H.H.K.Herath 1989 1990
MR.R.H.B.Gunarathna 1991 1996
MR.W.M.Jayawardhana 1996 2002
MR.R.M.Wanninayaka 2002 2002 May
MR.R.A.S.Jayathilaka 2002-07-01 2003-08-07
MR.R.M.Wanninayaka 2003-09-20 2005-02-21
MR.R.I.B.R.B.Rathnamalala 2005-02-21 2009-04-29
MS.B.M.Manchanayaka 2009-05-07 2011-04-
MR.H.M.J.M.Herath 2011-05-05 2014-09-21
MRS.P.M.S.Priyangani Pathiraja 2014-09-22 up to now

News & Events

Division Mobile Service Information- Essential Service

Division Mobile Service Information- Essential Service


73rd Independence Day Celebration

73rd Independence Day Celebration

73rd Independence Day Celebration      ...

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