Public Service Prize Giving - 2019.01.09

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State Services Officers Giving Competition to Public Officers-Grade Holders Competition Meegalewa police officers were present at the event

2019 Year First Office Day


nstructions were given to all officers to work in order to successfully complete work in the year 2019 on the first day of the day under the patronage of the Divisional Secretary.

District Sport Meet



All the officers of the Sports team of the Galgamuwa Divisional Secretariat who were elected to participate at the ground for events at the ground for the games of public entertainment in the city of Kurunegala were greeted by the Divisional Secretary. 

Providing additional food crops



We started work as soon as the rainy season of the rainy season began to muddle in the wet, crocodile larvae. Under the provisions of the National Food Production Program under the provisions of the Presidential Secretariat, the Galgamuwa Divisional Secretariat has been provided with 50% supplementary food crops for the 2018/19 Maha Season. Programs will also be implemented as seed production farms. Some state institutions smoke

It allows green cultivation and the Galgamuwa divisional secretariat provides supplementary food crops that enhance the soil. This time, the seeds are distributed among the agrarian service centers and agricultural advisers through the Galgamuwa Divisional Secretariat.

Peanuts The foundation seeds. -. Kg 720
Peanuts registered seeds ... -. Kg 1000
Peanuts certified seeds .. . -. Kg. 2280
Green seeds .. .. .. .. .. -. . Kg 100
Seaweed certified seeds .. .. .. .. -. Kg 144
Chili bins .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .-. 49000

The rain of the rain ...... The innocent peasants are fertile ....


Dhanamaya Pinkama 2018.12.31

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The annual alms giving organized by the Divisional secretariat premises annually for a New Year's New Year was held annually on the same day 2018 .. The people of the Division too ... All the officers of Lakwazy to all State Officials have sacrificed their lives for the nation These alms giving were carried out with the objective of making Ranawari worship ... All Officers who assisted in this program All the other notes I thank gratitude, Mary DS .....

The Divisional Secretary and the Divisional Secretariate for the State of New Delhi in the year 2019, devoted ...

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Public Service Prize Giving - 2019.01.09

Public Service Prize Giving - 2019.01.09

Public Service Prize Giving - 2019.01.09  ...

2019 Year First Office Day

2019 Year First Office Day

2019 Year First Office Day nstructions were...

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